Discover the little secrets they don't want you to know!
Many women are unaware about the hidden dangers of sanitary pads and tampons.
Research has revealed that an average woman uses nothing less than ten thousand disposable sanitary products in her lifetime, and this is why it is important that significant consideration be given to the products women use.

Don't be another statistic or victim of possible conditions caused by poor quality sanitary pads during menstruation.  Download this free guide and stay informed!
Women Deserve to Know!
Women have a right to know the ingredients in feminine care products so they can make informed decisions about products which may present unnecessary health risks.  We now know that there are serious health risks associated with the ingredients that traditional feminine care products are made with, yet these fundamental products continue to be deemed harmless, due to the lack of research and awareness about them.

No matter which products you choose to use, we hope this information will help create awareness, spark more conversations about feminine hygienic products, encourage women to be more cognizant of the products they use, and if so compelled, take action to evoke legislative changes because - Now you know!
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